About Us

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About Ship-Shape®

Ship-Shape is BlueCo Brands’ line of cleaning products designed to use in completing the first step of disinfection. To properly disinfect any item or surface, it must first be cleaned of visible debris and the Ship-Shape line of cleaning products are made for this! Ship-Shape Comb & Brush Cleaner is formulated for the economical cleaning of large batches of combs, brushes, sheers or any other implements in the salon, barbershop or spa.

While the box may reckon back to a bygone era, when you open it, you will be pleasantly surprised by bright orange crystals (think Tang, for those of you old enough to remember) that dissolve easily and create a clean aroma.

Development and History

Ship-Shape Professional Appliance Cleaner was developed specifically at the request of cosmetologists who were struggling with the hair product residue that builds up on everything from your flat irons to the backs of chairs! While this product was formulated to break down those products and remove that residue, it is an excellent all around cleaner, working on everything from your station to your anti-fatigue mat.

Finally, to round out the family of cleaning products, we introduced Ship-Shape Professional Laundry Detergent to meet all of the laundry needs in a busy salon, barbershop or spa! Our laundry detergent is available in both regular and HE formulations and is designed to keep those white towels looking white and smelling fresh!

Ship-Shape is a brand name that has served the professional beauty industry for decades, making items clean for disinfection and items that do not require disinfection sparkle!